Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scanning the past 3 years

I have not blogged so much this year. Blogging in here has become a bi-annual thing! haha My last blog was from June and it was when my family and I went to Beijing. Although I've been busy with my other blog, Two Ladies and a Spoon. It's a food blog. Me and my friend, Imelda, share the same passion of discovering the fun in the kitchen. We're both novice bakers and chefs stuffing our friends and family with the things we make.

Back in 2009, I knew from the start that it was my year. I got accepted by the Mabuhay Guides project by the DOT, and it definitely changed me; in my point of view as a person and discovered new things that I cared about.

Last year I was part of the World Ecotourism Conference, I traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam (and not blog about it, i know). It was my first experience travelling alone. Met up with my friend Diana in Vietnam-- met and made a good friend from the trip, David. Last year my sister also gave birth and gave us our wonderful nephew, Jin!

This year, this year is going by like wind. Time felt like sand slipping through my hands. Time felt like a slideshow. I see myself flipping through the past 11 months like it was just a week. Jin turned one and in 4 more short months, he's going to be two! It's just scary.

This year is definitely my sister, Lilliane's year. She started her round-the-world trip last June and has been travelling around Europe for the past 5 months and is now heading to South America for the second part of her trip.

Not that I'm sad or anything it's just that nothing exciting has happened to me yet. I am waiting for next year to come and hopefully my travel to the US finally pushes through!