Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bitter about Mexico

I really had zero idea what Mexico would be like when I decided to go;  I did not expect how amazing it would be.

Mexico is gorgeous!   Peppered with amazing gigantic Catholic churches.  I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful the interiors of the churches are.  I am at a lost of words.  The most beautiful church I have ever seen was the Sto. Domingo Church in Oaxaca.  It was like the artist got really angry and thought, you want Baroque?! you want Baroque!? I'll give you Baroque.  BAM!  Every square inch of the church was decorated with bas relief.  Very ridiculous.

I've heard a few times from travelers that we look a bit like México and I guess there is some truth to that; some small towns I have been to, do look like provinces in Philippines.  Both our countries have been colonies of Spain; we are bound to look somehow alike.

But no... Mexico City... and I am specifically talking about Centro de Historico.  It is SO GRAND.  SO GIGANTIC.  SO AMAZING. Surrounded by the Ayuntamiento or some sort of Municipio de Gobierno and a church.

I may not have been to Europe but being there felt like I was.  It was so old and beautiful, it's grand and extravagant, it's majestic and almost magical.

Let's not just talk just Mexico City, what about Puebla?  Puebla has approximately 365 churches within the city, that's 1 church every day of the year and none of them are ordinary, one trying to out do the next. Here are just the few I saw in 2 days:

Looking at Mexico as whole, I feel bitter.  My first thought was: Hey!  We were under Spain for 300 years too, why didn't we get better architectures?  grander churches?  Nice ones we had were destroyed in World War II and Manila became the second most destroyed city in the world (after Warsaw, Poland).

I imagine how beautiful Manila could have been with all the Spanish colonial buildings and plazas.  Have you ever been anywhere else that have made you feel this way about your country?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interesting Useless Travel Stats

This blog post is inspired by wanderlass' post of her #useless #interesting RTW Stats, I have decided to do the same with my trip.

Statistics are indeed fun!  Especially useless ones, so here are some of mine.

Number of Countries: 2
Number of Days traveled: 90
Number of Kilometers traveled: 38,067 (23,655 miles)
Number of States: 11 US + 6 MX = 17 States
Number of Cities:  17 US + 8 MX = 25 Cities
Number of Pyramids: 9
Number of Plane Rides: 13
Number of Bus Rides: 13
Number of Photos Taken:  6401 both camera and mobile
Number of Balikbayan Boxes: 2
Number of Diarrhea: 0
Number of Dysmenorrhea: 3, TMI haha
Number of New Facebook Friends: 51
Number of USD spent: USD 9000

Favorite Experience:  Dia De Los Muertos in Oaxaca
Favorite City:  Mexico City
Favorite Landscape:  Grand Canyon, Arizona
Favorite Cityscape: Chicago
Favorite Beach:  Tulum Ruins, Tulum
Favorite Bus Company:  ADO Bus - Mexico
Favorite Museum:  Museo Nacional de Arceologico
Favorite Pyramid: Coba
Favorite Metro System:  New York
Favorite Beer:  Blue Moon Beer from Colorado
Favorite Shopping:  New York & San Cristobal de las Casas
Favorite Church:  Sto. Domingo, Oaxaca
Favorite Cellphone App:  Google Maps
Favorite Hostel: Hostal Zocalo - Merida
Best Pork: Pulled Pork - Franklin's BBQ Austin, TX
Best Burger:  Hamburgesa de RibEye - Asadero in Mexico City
 Best Fries:  In and Out, Los Angeles
Best Seafood: BBQ Shrimp - Bourbon House, New Orleans, LA
Best Vegetable:  Road side Sweet Corn - Pawtucket, RI
Best Looking Men:  Washington, DC
Most Interesting Experience:  Rode the bus of the Mexican Marines
Friendliest People:  NOLAns (New Orleans, LA)
Drunkest Place:  Bourbon St., New Orleans
Scariest Area:  Tenderloin, San Francisco
Least Favorite Hostel:  H.I. International Downtown SF
Most Expensive:  USD20 Vodka Redbull in Las Vegas
Failed Expectation:  White House, Washington DC - it's so small!

Did I miss anything that you were interested to know? :)  Ask away!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Lifestyle of a Solo Traveler

I just got back after my 3 month long trip; I am now back to the regular programming of my life (and actually writing this blog post from my office table) and I reminisce the difference of lifestyle!  So here is my list:

  • Waking up late with no pressure
  • Choosing white rice over brown
  • White bread over wheat
  • Meeting new people that you will prally never see again
  • Making new meaningful friendships
  • laying on my bed before having a shower
  • Miss brushing my teeth before I sleep
  • Get into bed without washing my feet
  • Dont require my chiropractor all the time
  • Walk, walk, walk
  • Waking up with no purpose
  • Caring about no one else but yourself
  • Skipping breakfast because I can eat lunch at 4 or whenever I want to
  • Start drinking alcohol at 11am
  • Learning how to adjust to different kind of beds and pillows
  • Learn how to do laundry
  • Waking up and having to fix the bed *couchsurfing
  • Cleaning up after myself
  • Constant awareness of my passport, cellphone and wallet
  • Mastering Google maps
  • Carrying my bag up and down the friggin stairs by myself
  • I guess I complain alot less too
  • changing my mind at the last moment and it doesn't matter
  • Not having to do anything else but what you want
  • Sharing bathrooms
  • Speaking bad Spanish mixed with excellent miming skills
  • Still cant live with no internet
I look forward to this lifestyle again soon.  So many places, so little time.