Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Month with Mabuhay Guides

I am in my fourth week and I didn’t have time to write a blog about last week because we have been so busy! Going earlier to class and coming home later. We, or at least I, are/am at the verge of information overload.

If you would read my previous entries, you’d remember that I said passing the exam for me would be like a cherry on top because I feel lucky enough to have already gotten in this extensive training; but after last week, oh no, things have changed, stakes are higher, and now that I am so much closer, I wanna finish it! They have altered the plan and will only take those who pass the exam to Bohol (instead of all 23 of us)! We also got to meet our London trainer, a very nice lady who is as excited as we are to get the “real” training started. The thing that got me most excited was…

*drum rolls*

Our uniforms will be designed and made by RAJO LAUREL! (yay!!) I was beside myself with excitement when I found out. We will be measured on Monday, March 2 for our uniforms. We will be getting 2 sets, a sports wear set for hiking and such, and also skirt and sport shirt set with blazer.

Yesterday, we were at Boni High Street and had our personality development class there, at this posh French restaurant, Aubergine. The ambiance was beautiful, really classy and obviously expensive.

We each had Difficultly Level 5 five-course meal (haha), and taught us how to use the knives and fork properly. We learned how to tackle a salad (by folding each leaf of lettuce into bite sizes before stabbing it with a fork); eat a whole fish using a fish knife (!) without flipping it over (eat 1st layer first then remove and set aside the bone then devour the lower half of the fish); how to drink soup with a soup bowl that has handles; how to peel a prawn with knife and fork; how to twirl pasta with a fork and a pasta spoon (!), peel the banana, orange and apple with fork and knife! and all along I thought I knew how to eat! Haha. Lia Bernardo, our instructor, also gave us a quick lesson on wine appreciation which means I took 5 half-full glasses of wine, I like!

Today, we start with our London trainer! Have no idea what to expect in the training, I’m a little anxious but a little excited! I hope I absorb everything! J

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