Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Running is unhealthy and expensive

Oh yes it is. Last Sunday, March 29, 2009 the Wandersoles and I went to the Mall of Asia for the Pinay in Action fun run (organized by Sen. Pia Cayetano for Women). We ran the 5km marathon. Lilliane and I met up with Zara there at around 5:30 and started stretching while waiting for the rest of the Wandersoles (Lilliane’s RTW travbuddies); at around 6:30am the event has started, 10K runnings went ahead, then the 5K runners and then the 1.6K adult-kid tandem run went off; we started running at 6:40am haha.

A round around Mall of Asia and I hear myself panting. Zara and I were running together, we ran then walked, then ran then walked. We set short-term goals like let’s run until that building, or run until that tall tree over there then walk again. We reached the 1st round and got us a blue straw necklace signifying we’ve finished a lap. We ran again, reached for water in the water station and grabbed a piece of ensaymada along the way lol.

As we were turning the last corner, it was so near and yet so far, I wanted to finish; I am at least 8 inches taller than Zara, my strides were wider than hers, she said for me to go on and finish ahead and so I did, I finished 5k with the time of 53 minutes minus the 10 minutes delay, 43 minutes.

So after the run, we all went into the booths and got free stuff. Free detergent, feminine pads, oatmeal, cholesterol check, pen, medicine for muscle pain, among others. We fought our way thru rowdy crowds and built up an appetite. We went to Mcdo for some mcbreakfast. Zara and I ordered each a longganiza meal (yum!) and shared a 2-pc pancake with sausage meal haha. And I ordered an extra hash brown. From what we’ve ordered, it seemed like we ran the 10K haha. This set me back P150, plus the registration fee for the marathon at P250. *Katching* P400.

So, after breakfast Lilliane, Beth and I decided we would wanna go malling. So of course by then it was 10:30am and the mall was open. The aircon was very inviting, so we went in. We felt a bit muscle pain from all that exercise, we decided to walk to Relaksasi to get a massage, the cheapest service we can get was at P600 for a full body massage, and so we did. *Katching* P1,000.

So after the massage, we thought we should go do a bit of a shopping, after all, it is summer and who doesn’t need new swimming suits right? So we shop around SM Dept Store, saw this really cute sailor tankini, red-white stripes with blue accent, *katching* P1,499.

So after that rigorous shopping, we got hungry, so we headed to Teriyaki Boy for lunch, we had Salmon Sashimi, California Maki, and Tempura Ramen, *katching* P2,199.

So, this morning I woke up with a sore body, my friend said it’s from lactic acid build up from doing strenuous workout for an extended period of time, I don’t know if it’s from the running, from the massage, or from walking so much in the mall. I think I got a bit of indigestion from what I ate. And spent a total of P2,199 just for one morning… As I said, running is unhealthy and expensive.

all photos courtesy of www.indayguapa.com

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