Friday, July 3, 2009

Angel of Fashion

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning you pick up the jeans from yesterday and just put on a tshirt and go or sometimes you look in the mirror and you change your top at least 5 times and change your bottom at least 2 times but you still end up hating what you’re wearing; but sometimes you wake up and you automatically know what you’re gonna wear. You walk into your closet pick out the top, pick out the bottom and they just...match! then you know just the shoes to wear with it, the right bag that goes with it and the accessories to accentuate it.

I woke up today and I felt that. I felt the presence of the Angel of Fashion (AOF). The AOF is like the tooth fairy. She’s not your typical fairy either. She doesn’t wear those ball gowns with her hair up. She doesn’t look the same to everyone. The AOF looks like you, she is you but in fashionable clothes. You can imagine her floating beside you leading you to your closet and making you pick out the right clothes.

After shower, I walked to my closet picked out this black blouse I haven’t wore in a long time, these shorts I’ve had for the longest time but never wore (because I don’t know what to match with it). They just looked right together, and I chose the right shoes, bags and necklace! It was so easy! It doesn't follow that if you work in the fashion business that the AOF will come to you naturally. Oh no.

Now that I look so fabulous, I feel like I owe my outfit a night out. So I have been texting left and right asking friends if they wanna hang out tonight and before 10 o’clock in the morning I have been turned down 3x. Haha. But I will not give up, it is my responsibility, it is my duty to show people my clothes.

For those who will see me tonight, Congratulations! hahaha

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  1. Enjoyed reading your entry. I hope ma-touch ako ni AOF on most days. Hahaha.