Thursday, July 1, 2010

Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam here I come!

I am Malaysia-bound in a few days. I volunteered in the World Ecotourism Conference 2010 that is happening in Kuala Lumpur. This event was actually brought to my attention by my friend Vangie; since she knew that I was in the tourism industry, being a Mabuhay Guide and everything. This is a very good extra knowledge to have. I guess you can never have enough extra knowledge, right?

I mindlessly filled up the application, not really thinking that I’d get in to become a volunteer; and I found out that there are only 10 of us representing 8 nations that were chosen among the hundreds that applied! I am very honoured to have been chosen. Among the 10 volunteers, 2 of us are from the Philippines. I have never met her but with the age of the internet, anyone can be a stalker haha; and so I searched her name in facebook and sent her a message, she apparently is also a Couchsurfer!
Judging from the 3 common friends we have. The rest of the volunteers are students from other Southeast Asian countries, Canada and Australia.

After Kuala Lumpur, I will be going to Singapore to meet my friend Sandra, who lives and works there now; I am actually fulfilling a promise of going over to see her. I’ve been to Singapore before but it was as a tourist, now, well I guess I’m still a tourist but I am going to hang out with a local  Another person I’m going to meet up with is my friend Zach! I hosted him here in Manila about a year ago and then we travelled together in Zamboanga, so now it’s his turn to show me around!

To top it all off, my friend Diana and I are going to meet at Vietnam!!! Diana and I both decided that we will become not just great friends but travel buddies! I think a travel buddy is hard to find. It does not necessarily mean that if you’re good friends, that you automatically become good travel buddies. Diana and I made a “pact” that we’d travel once a year. So this year, Vietnam it is.


  1. Congratulations on 3 things: Malaysia/Singapore/Vietnam. (1) On the delegation (2) 3 country trip and (3) on finding a travel buddy. It's as tricky as having a boy/girlfriend.

    Happy Travels

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