Thursday, May 9, 2013

Update on my Hawaiian Air ticket!

I have been in purgatory of planning my trip since I found out that Hawaiian Air (HA) was going to stop their Manila-Honolulu flights.  I have been waiting for an update from Rajah and finally got an update last May 3.  I wasn't sure if they were going to rebook me or refund me of my ticket.

I was informed initially by Shay, Rajah's excellent customer service agent that has patiently explained to me the options I had, that I am only given a choice to choose which airline I want to take my Manila-Honolulu flight because the rest of my flights were still confirmed; anything else I would like to change in my ticket would be subject to surcharge!  Even if its to just to move the flight date.  I felt very defeated with the situation and asked Shay to do her best and try to get my ticket fully refunded.  I felt like I rushed into the decision to buy my ticket; so much has changed since I bought it in February!

So yesterday morning, I got a call from Hawaiian Airlines asking me if I have decided which airline I've chosen to take for my Manila-Honolulu flight and I said that I was hoping for my ticket to be refunded instead.  Without any hesitation, they agreed to my request!  So I'm very happy about it.  I finally have a closure, haha!

So now, USA is my oyster and I can plan my trip any way I want to; not restricted to my existing ticket schedule (expect for my airbnb booking in Manhattan), but still!!! I'm so psyched!

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