Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interesting Useless Travel Stats

This blog post is inspired by wanderlass' post of her #useless #interesting RTW Stats, I have decided to do the same with my trip.

Statistics are indeed fun!  Especially useless ones, so here are some of mine.

Number of Countries: 2
Number of Days traveled: 90
Number of Kilometers traveled: 38,067 (23,655 miles)
Number of States: 11 US + 6 MX = 17 States
Number of Cities:  17 US + 8 MX = 25 Cities
Number of Pyramids: 9
Number of Plane Rides: 13
Number of Bus Rides: 13
Number of Photos Taken:  6401 both camera and mobile
Number of Balikbayan Boxes: 2
Number of Diarrhea: 0
Number of Dysmenorrhea: 3, TMI haha
Number of New Facebook Friends: 51
Number of USD spent: USD 9000

Favorite Experience:  Dia De Los Muertos in Oaxaca
Favorite City:  Mexico City
Favorite Landscape:  Grand Canyon, Arizona
Favorite Cityscape: Chicago
Favorite Beach:  Tulum Ruins, Tulum
Favorite Bus Company:  ADO Bus - Mexico
Favorite Museum:  Museo Nacional de Arceologico
Favorite Pyramid: Coba
Favorite Metro System:  New York
Favorite Beer:  Blue Moon Beer from Colorado
Favorite Shopping:  New York & San Cristobal de las Casas
Favorite Church:  Sto. Domingo, Oaxaca
Favorite Cellphone App:  Google Maps
Favorite Hostel: Hostal Zocalo - Merida
Best Pork: Pulled Pork - Franklin's BBQ Austin, TX
Best Burger:  Hamburgesa de RibEye - Asadero in Mexico City
 Best Fries:  In and Out, Los Angeles
Best Seafood: BBQ Shrimp - Bourbon House, New Orleans, LA
Best Vegetable:  Road side Sweet Corn - Pawtucket, RI
Best Looking Men:  Washington, DC
Most Interesting Experience:  Rode the bus of the Mexican Marines
Friendliest People:  NOLAns (New Orleans, LA)
Drunkest Place:  Bourbon St., New Orleans
Scariest Area:  Tenderloin, San Francisco
Least Favorite Hostel:  H.I. International Downtown SF
Most Expensive:  USD20 Vodka Redbull in Las Vegas
Failed Expectation:  White House, Washington DC - it's so small!

Did I miss anything that you were interested to know? :)  Ask away!


  1. hahaha i really noticed it the moment i arrived! lol

  2. total dollars spent? no of days on the road? no. of consecutive night/days drunk? haha

  3. haha wow, that made my trip sound really boring, i dont think ive ever been drunk for 24 hours, but i drank every single day. hahaha days on the road was just probably on the way to and back from the US was 18 hours, thats all.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. number of times you sprained your ankle? hehehe... :p

  6. Haha, its awesome reading a post from someone who's new to the US and the things you loved most. I have to agree with almost all of your picks! p.s. Blue Moon is one of my favorite wheat beers so extra props to you! ;)

    1. Thanks Jeska! Im glad u enjoyed my post! Haha love d spelling of ur name!

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