Monday, June 29, 2015

When I go to Europe

Europe has always been on top of my bucket list, how could it not be?  I've seen thousands of pictures from my sister Lilliane’s travels and photos on my news feed, everyone else seem to have already been to Europe but me. This map of Europe has served as my desktop since the end of 2013.  Stars have aligned for me and after 2 years of planning, Europe, here I come.
I have already gotten my visa from the French Embassy and have already purchased my ticket for my grand Euro trip.  The reality of my travel pushing thru did not sink in because for the past two months, I have been spending all of my time with my sister Pincky and my niblings who were visiting from Japan. 

I have done a skeletal plan of my 12 week long trip that is going to cover a good amount of countries in Europe.  Ideally, IMO, the best way to travel is to have a loose plan and then just book the tickets as I go along. It is good to plan ahead for sure, but you’ll never know what’s going to happen in between. The dilemma of wanting to stay longer in one place or needing to catch the plane you booked earlier is one of the most dreadful feeling a traveler could ever experience.

I got so many ideas of things to do other than the usual tourist route and see the amazing architectures.  I cannot wait to dine in cafes in Paris, partake in the biggest tomato fight in Buñol, eat gelato and pizza in Italy everyday, speak Spanish in Spain, drink wine in France, beer in Germany, eat chocolates in Belgium, and do some stuff in Amsterdam.

photo credit
Here I am now, a week since my sister left and I CANNOT contain my excitement!!! Everytime I think of my trip my heart pounds half a beat faster and I get extreme butterflies in my stomach. I am less than a month away until I leave for my grand trip and… pardon me as I puke my excitement out. 


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