Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Great Day :D

I had another really interesting day today about my identity haha.  This sort of thing really amuses me and makes me smile!

So I had an early day today, because I had an appointment with the hairdresser at 9AM (i know), because it's time to dye.  My white hairs were sticking out and since I am on my last day of recovery here in Turin, I've decided to finally do it.  So the hairdresser colored my dark brown hair back to black (to my surprise), I guess speaking in Spanish to an Italian doesn't really work.  Anyway, I don't look hideous, so I can live with it.

Today, I also bought a pair of new shoes! Nike Roche Run!  The almost-new ones that I brought with me here is totally tattered and worn out from all the walking I have been doing here in Europe.  So I thought after being sick a few days and not being able to see Cinque Terre (excuses,excuses hehe) that I deserved a beautiful treat! jajang!

my beautiful new Roche Runs!
So today was the first day that I actually strolled around the city by myself.  Walking it today was like looking at a familiar street with new pair of eyes.

The display outside of this store gave me the impression that they were selling wholesale salon stuff because they had hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners, and wigs; but today I was curious enough to take a closer look at the display and saw Ligo Sardines, and I was like wow, Ligo? Curious, I finally went in.

As I entered I realized that the owners were Chinese (as usual haha).  I saw some African people buying cart loads of stuff obviously from home which made me think, this could be like a specialty local store that cater to immigrants (smart!).  As I turn to the next isle, my eyes landed on something familiar, what the?! what grocery is this?  Am I back in the Philippines?  Boy Bawang, Nagaraya, V-Cut, Clover Chips, Oishi Prawn Cracker, Piattos, Chippy, Silverswan Soy Sauce, Datu Puti, it was ridiculous!  It has more stocks than the nearby sari-sari (mini convenience) store near our house! I walked further, Bihon, Toyomansi, Misua, Lucky Me Pansit Canton and my favorite pansit canton, Payless Xtra Big!  OMG! haha I was just thinking about eating this a few weeks ago because this is our regular merienda (afternoon snack) in our office.

I remembered that I do not have enough pasalubongs to give to the friends I'm meeting anymore and so I bought a bunch of Nagarayas and Boy Bawangs and then bought 2 Payless Xtra Big to eat.  As I was walking towards the cashier, I hear some Tagalog and ran into a Filipina who, of course, recognized me as a Filipino based on the products that I hoarded!  She smiled and me and I said, "ANG SAYA DITO!" haha She laughed.

me looking Filipino haha
I walked out of the store with my purchases and was still carrying my old pair of Roche Runs and I know I wouldn't want to be carrying a useless pair of shoes with me; I had the intention of donating it to a church or a homeless person.  Outside the store there were 3 stalls that looked like they were selling old clothes but instead there was a sign that says "TUTTO LIBERO".  I walked up to the woman and asked if all of it were free and she said yes, and I asked if I could donate a pair of shoes and she also happily said yes and accepted my worn out Nike!  How awesome.

Happily walking away, I noticed another store just a block away and entered it.  It was like an everything-you-might-need store.  Went around, grabbed a few things and went to the counter, the owners were Chinese (as usual haha) and calculated everything and said, "si kuai san shi" (4.30).  Haha which then I took out the exact change.  I didn't even bother asking them how they knew that I spoke Chinese haha.  It amused me again and reminded me of my experience in Madrid!

What a great day I had today! :D


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