Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Yellow Fever Vaccine in Manila

Yellow Fever Vaccine in Manila, Philippines

This is my excellent experience getting a Yellow Fever vaccine from the Bureau of Quarantine.  A requirement traveling to South America, specifically if you are going to Brazil.  Other countries such as Argentina would possibly ask for a vaccination if you have been to Brazil.

The whole process took me 11 minutes to complete from start to finish.  It was so refereshing to experience an efficient governement office whose aim is to serve the Filipino people, especially OFWs.  No red tapes, no hassle, no bullshit.  I was there 12nn and there was no lunch break!

Step 1 Get and Fill out the form

I went in, the guard by the entrance asks me what I need and if it's my first time.  I said first time, so I got 2 forms: Personal information sheet and waiver form asking you about your allergies, medications, if you have HIV, if you're pregnant, and other things that may affect you if you get a vaccination.  Also make sure to go with a full stomach.

Step 2 Get Vaccinated

The nurse verifies your waiver and injects you with the vaccination.  It is a very thick solution so it hurts when it gets into your blood stream.

Step 3 Pay

First time vaccination costs PHP 1500 pesos and good for a lifetime.

Sept 4 Wait for the Card

They will ask you to check if they have typed your name and birthdate correctly on the yellow card they will be issuing you, the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis.

That's it.

It takes 10 days for our body to produce antibodies and so the validation date of the certificate is valid 10 days after you get vaccined.  Whether or not you're going to get sick depends on the person.

Bureau Of Quarantine 
Local government office in Manila, Philippines
Address25th St Port Area, Ermita Brgy 653 Zone 68, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Open today · 8AM–5PM


  1. Hi! Can I ask you some questions about Whang Od? Was it super painful?? Did it heal well? I really want one but I'm scared that I won't be able to take the pain.


    1. Hi wow just saw this. With WhangOd yes. It hurt really bad. With Eliang it was soothing, not painful, less painful than machine tattoo

    2. What if you lost your certificate of vaccination? Do they have a record of for the yellow fever vaccination?