Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Skipping August

A few months back, whenever I thought about my trip to the Americas, I would always look at my calendar in terms of important events like my cousin's wedding, my nephew coming to see us or friends visiting and other short term trips. From the day I bought my MNL - SFO ticket in February, my itinerary so far looks like this:

March is mom's birthday - April is Jin coming to see us in Manila - May my cousin gets married and my girlfriends and I go to Boracay! - June is the month I turn 30 and I go to Cambodia for travel - July I go to Hong Kong and 2 friends from Korea come to see me!  Then after that, it's September! haha

I always skip the month of August since nothing important happens this month anyway.  Nothing important I say... it is THE most IMPORTANT month (of PLANNING my trip)!!!  I am so glad that I am not doing anything or going anywhere. Since the month started, I have been reading nothing but travel blogs, travel books and just everything about my trip!  I’ve been clicking my mouse away, buying interstate flights, and keeping in touch with friends I am going to meet! (and of course, doing some real work in between, haha)

I also decided to stop writing and updating my blog because I realized my itinerary kept changing. It wasn’t until I started booking my flights that my schedule was carved in stone.  Initially, I was planning to do it Wanderlass style and just wing it, play it by ear, or improv! haha I realized I couldn't and shouldn't do that because I needed a fixed schedule in order to meet-up with friends who have regular jobs.

So in exactly 26 days, I am flying out of Manila and heading to my first long adventure!  Here my travel itinerary as follows:  New York --> NJ --> DC --> Boston --> Rhode Island --> Wisconsin --> Chicago --> Louisiana --> Austin --> MEXICO --> San Francisco --> Manila :(

I am going to meet up alot of old friends and also will meet new friends while couchsurfing.  If I'm gonna be near your city, please holler! :D

Safe travels!


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