Friday, November 21, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

As I am writing this blog, my best friend gets married in less than 3 days. We’ve been friends for over 21 years. We became friends in nursery school, when my sister and her nanny would always be late fetching us, and we would end up in the “waiting room” together. We were 4 years old back then, until we became classmates in kindergarten until grade 6. In high school, we got into different sections, made other friends, but still kept in touch. When college came, we went to the same university but took up different courses.

In 21 years, I’ve seen her in just her panties, I’ve seen her cry, laugh, triumph and fail; I have met her family and she has mine. We’ve become a household name in each other’s household. We were not the stereotypical best friends that do sleepovers or put make up on each other, have pillow fights, or go shopping together. We mostly spoke over the phone, and occasionally met up for important things.

I am at the stage of my life where my social calendar is filled up by attending weddings, bridal showers and engagement parties; despite all of this, the thought of my best friend getting married just wouldn’t sink in. It’s like, it can’t be! We’re same age! We grew up together! Not that any of my reasoning matters or contributes on the decision making process of getting married, but it’s just shocking! She’s the first one to be wed amongst those who are close to me.

I remember when we were probably 13 or at a silly age when we would talk about our weddings, we vowed to be each other’s bridesmaid. Doesn’t matter who gets married first, if it has to be done, one of us will be Mrs. Bridesmaid. Haha. I guess I’d be the one to have a Mrs. Bridesmaid in my wedding.

As I just had my manicure and pedicure, hand spa and foot spa to prepare for the wedding, got my gown and my shoes, got my appointment with the hairdresser it seems like I’ve got every base covered. Yes, seems. I don’t have a date. Ironically, I organize events for people to date. I’ve scanned thru my phonebook, my YM list, my Facebook, zilch; although I did ask someone, who turned out to be busy on Sunday. So now, I think I may just embark on the wedding alone.

I don’t really mind going alone, since I’d prolly be hanging out with some schoolmates there, but it would just be… more fun if I were to go with someone, being all dressed up and everything, it’d feel like prom again. Haha my gawd. Oh I can go on with my prom night, but it’s gonna be a whole new story and it’s just not related. Haha

I hope that this Sunday goes well, I don’t trip, Thea gets married to Hans, I’d look good on my make up, and I’d enjoy the night without a plus 1. I’d be taking lotsa photos during the wedding and post them up soon!

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