Saturday, November 15, 2008

Disco Euphoria

My cousin who’s in his 40s stumbled upon Hotel Intercon’s new gimmick that they are reviving Euphoria! Yes, as in the Euphoria you’ve probably heard from older relatives who were teens in the 80s. I was sceptical at first, was not sure what to expect. Sure Euphoria was cool in the 80s, but hey! We’re in the 21st century man! It can’t be cool!

How I’m glad that I was proven wrong. As I walked in Intercon Hotel, I immediately heard music playing. The event was called, get this, A NIGHT OF DISCO EUPHORIA! Disco? Disco? Haha I thought when they said “reviving” they meant keeping up with Embassy or Ascend and clubs of the like; but NO! They brought back DISCO! I loved it! I walked in, saw myself under a spinning disco ball and technicolor disco lights! My god! This is so cool! I only know of discos from the MTVs of Tiffany and Cyndi Lauper.

It was funny for me to see the people who were there, all of them were 80s people; people who looked like doctors, lawyers, top accountants, business people, insurance people. Haha. It was so great to see more matured people loosen up, which I doubt they do in the morning when they are in their corner offices bossing people around. Haha. Everyone was letting their hair down, no more stiffness, just having fun. People dressed up in their get ups and special dresses, mostly beaded haha (I’m sorry, but I saw a lot of people wearing beaded blouses, dresses and even caps!).

As the moment started to sink in, it dawned on me, the crowd was composed of individual people fully aware of who they were and who they weren't, no head-to-toe staring, and then an epiphany, i was not in a bar, I was sharing the same space with the teens of the 80s.

One thing I think we lack in my generation? Dance steps! The last dance step I remember was the Macarena and which was ages ago (and it’s so not cool, haha). I loved it that we could kick our heels to the song Footloose, or hold our ear and swing our arms to Buttercup, or act out the letters Y-M-C-A.

It is so amazing that you can dance to whatever move you feel like and it’s ok, you don’t have to worry about looking silly, ‘cause the dance steps of the 80s are silly anyway. Haha. I think Euphoria could be the place for people who cannot relate to the bar scenes anymore or you’re simply just stuck in the 80s.

As I finish writing this blog, while kneading my knee from dancing all night long, I hope that I get to experience dancing the 80s style again, ‘cause from last night, I feel like it’s the only way to party!

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