Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Bridesmaid's Preparation

My best friend got married! She did it, tied the knot and everything. I was really excited because I’ve helped her out with a few things in her wedding. I was really honoured when she asked me to be her bridesmaid (although it was expected, haha), so the preparation was a big one!

I had my hair and makeup at around 12:30 PM, I had to go early because I have 30 inches of mane that has to be put in some sort of do so I’d look elegant in the gown. I went to Sir George in Timog, it’s located just below City Lifestyle building near the Scout Rotonda. My makeup artist was Nelson; he’s a celebrity makeup artist for SOP and also Carmina.

Anyway, he was like a magician with makeup and hair, a Photoshop artist if you will, he obviously KNOWS what he’s doing, one look at me, he knew what make up will look good. He didn’t have to ask for my preference, he was SURE what would look good. The makeup was light, he was very confident in the way he was brushing the powder onto my face, how he applied the eye shadow (which is the trickiest part because I have a slit for an eye. Lol).

They curled my hair and started twisting it around, I wasn’t sure what it would look
like when they were doing it, but they were liberally applying half a bottle of hair spray on my hair, and tons of hairpins, 51 pcs to be exact. It felt like I had a piece of croissant stuck to my head. It was gorgeous.

It was wedding time, the church gate opened, and she was standing right there, as I am writing this, I imagine how nerve wrecking it must be, standing and waiting for the door to open, knowing as you walk in, your life is significantly gonna change forever. I sat there alone beside the flower girls, staring at her back as she was on the process of becoming a missus, I found myself shaking my head in amazement. She really IS getting married, and she did, and I’m glad.

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